Catching up on Oscar Films during Quarantine with Christie Wright

Stuck inside & looking for something to watch?  Your friends at The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast have your back!

Jeff brings in his favorite CoronaQuarantine partner, his wife Christie, to review the slate of films nominated for the Best Film Oscar of 2020.  They give a min (well, sometimes kinda mini) review of each film, along with conscience warnings, and thematic analysis to help you either (a) decide if you want to watch the movie or (b) think through it as a Christian if you have already seen it.

Here's the timestamps for each review:

08:01 - Little Women

10:06 - Marriage Story

29:06 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

38:46 - The Irishman

54:04 - Joker

01:05:14 - Ford v. Ferrari

01:16:40 - Jojo Rabbit

01:25:42 - Parasite

01:45:00 - 1917

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