Jurassic World Champs? (SCD 05)

The NBA Finals Done Got Good!

Ya boys from Sports Coram Deo is here to take the pulse of the 2019 NBA Finals following a dominant Game 3 victory for the North!

But that's not all you'll get in Episode 5 - check out the episode timeline:

I. The Big Idea - ( 00:50 )

1What about that weird fan who pushed Kyle Lowry?

2 Stop the Curry hate.

3 Who ya got?

4 Does Kawahi stay if the Raptors win?

II. So Sorry to Interrupt - ( 40:41 )

What happens with 2019'S Top 20 NBA Free Agents (and Anthony Davis)?

1 Kevin Durant
2 Kawhi Leonard
3 Kyrie Irving
4 Kemba Walker
5 Klay Thompson
6 DeMarcus Cousins
7 Jimmy Butler
8 Tobias Harris
9 Khris Middleton (PO)
10 Brook Lopez

III. Whatcha’ Watchin’?- ( 01:16:30 )

1. Are You Watching All Elite Wrestling?

2. Will the Vols get no recruits for 2020?

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