Dame Ascendant! - Sports Coram Deo Ep. 04

It's been a long time but your friends from Sports Coram Deo are gonna make it up to you with a special Extra Deluxe edition episode.

Here's what you'll find inside:

I. Quick(ish) Hitters - ( 11:38 )

NCAA Tournament Evaluations

Wrestlemania 35 Reactions

II. The Main Diet - ( 27:50 )

How Damion Lillard managed to win the 1st round - the entire first round

NBA Playoffs Officially Begin and End with the Second Round

Predictions for the rest of the playoffs & the X-Factors each team is depending on

III. Personal Coup de GrĂ¢ce - ( 57:20 )

All about the Vols baby!

- Welcome Kellie Jolly Harper!

- Rick Barnes done broke my widdle heart

 - Spring Football wrapped up in Neyland.  Is there any hope for our O-line and pass rush?

P.S. - What do we expect from the NFL draft?

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