We (Were?) Marching to Zion [Williamson] - Sports Coram Deo Ep. 2

Jeff and Terry were recording Episode 2 of Sports Coram Deo before and during the latest Duke/UNC clash that saw the basketball world take a collective gut punch as Zion Williamson collapsed to the floor clutching his ankle while the tattered remains of his sneaker held on for dear life.

In this one you get the emotional roller coaster of The Zion Situation along with the regularly scheduled segments:

I. The Big Idea: Time to Check in with Pre-Tourney College Basketball - 05:05

- Reconsidering Zion Williamson as an NBA prospect

- Duke/UNC - who ya got tonight?

- Ranking the Top 5 Greatest Sports Rivalries

II. So Sorry to Interrupt - 44:25

- Making sens of the post-trade deadline, post-All-Star break NBA

- Can anyone in the East take the Warriors to a game 6?

III. Whatcha' Watchin': 01:10:57

- Spring College Football draws near!

- How the mighty [Vols] have fallen! Can they get up again?

IV. Bonus SCD! - 01:32:31

- Hang around after the credits for a UNC/Duke All-Timer Draft (see below) + more on the fall out from Zion's injury and our predictions for whether or not Zion ever plays ball for Duke again.

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