[Introducing] Civics Coram Deo - Welcome to the Body Politic!

Welcome to the launch of Civics Coram Deo - a podcast aimed at helping citizens of Christ's greater kingdom live as good citizens of the lesser kingdoms on Earth.

This is a long-form podcast aiming the wisdom of God at the political matters of the moment.  This inaugural episode is over-flowing with lots of goodies!

I. Low Hanging Fruit: The 2019 State of the Union Address - 02:35

All the analysis of President Trump's most recent address that is fit to podcast!

II. The Broken Clock - 32:27

Did Bill Maher end his career for a Popeye's joke?  Should his career be over for a Popeye's joke?

III. Better Luck Next Time! - 49:24

Fantasy Draft Time!  This week we're picking from the ever-increasing number of 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominees!

IV. The Big Idea(s) - 01:07:50

Trump wants the Bible taught in public schools?  Good idea or bad idea?

Princeton prof says maybe its time to kill the study of Classics in the name of eradicating white privilege!

Governor Northam of VA has had a rough week.  What would justice look like in his controversy?  Or for the pre-born children in his state?  


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