Chronicle (2012) + Super Bowl Postmortem, Trump Wants the Bible in Schools, and More!

You guys.  The guys from The PCCD Pod went extra long-form this week!  In fact, there was so much to cover that they pulled in Terry Felton from Sports Coram Deo to handle the heavy lifting.

You'll find timestamps below; these are your friends - use 'em to jump around to all the goodies in this week's episode!

I. Whatcha Watchin' - 02:34

- Jeff and Jared give Terry a Call to Talk Over the Most Boring Super Bowl Ever (?), Why the Pelicans Would Be Crazy to Trade Anthony Davis Before July, the Trouble with the Knicks Building around K.D. and Kyrie, and some Hopes for the Vols' National Signing Day - 02:45

- After wrapping up with Terry the guys get into Velvet Buzzsaw and Abducted in Plain Sight from Netflix - 36:34

II. So Sorry to Interrupt - 46:31

- So Donald Trump is Open to Putting Bible Classes in Public Schools.  Good idea or bad?

III. Pull the Curtain: Chronicle (2012) - 01:10:43

- Surprisingly enough, this is a first-time viewing for both of the guys.  What's the verdict?  Hit download, press play,and find out on this episode! 


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