Sports Coram Deo Ep. 01 - Is the Super Bowl Satanic?

It's time for something new on The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast network: welcome to the debut of Sports Coram Deo!

In the world of SCD we're looking at our cultural fascination with sports in the light of God's glory in Christ. 

The new show brings a new co-host too; everyone say hi to Terry Felton, gentleman, pastor, and thoughtful brother.

Here's what you'll get from the first episode:

I. The Big Question: Is the Super Bowl Satanic? - 05:11

II. So Sorry to Interrupt - 46:12

The MLB Hall of Fame Welcomes Its First Unanimous Inductee

Speaking of Halls of Fame - How Brutal is the Induction Process (according to Tony Boselli)?

How Sure are We that Zion Williamson Should Be the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft?

III. Whatcha' Watchin' - 01:21:40

Here's where you get an undiluted dose of the teams nearest and dearest to the hosts of The SCD Podcast

Let's Love on the #1 Tennessee Volunteer Men's Basketball Team

Speaking of the Vols, How will the last National Signing Day play out on Rocky Top?

Chicago Bulls Fans Suffer Under the Worst Front Office in the NBA.  Is There Anything They Can Do to Change the Depressing Status Quo? Perhaps.

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