The Worst & Best of 2018!

The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast is back to send 2018 out the right way!  The guys have your year-end review covered, starting the absolute worst of the stay-aways from the year that was.  You'll get the toppermost of the poppermost as well plus all that slots in-between.

Here's the breakdown:

I. Whatcha' Watchin' - 03:32

Rapid fire on:

Into the Spider-Verse
The Good Place
Won't You Be My Neighbor
Bird Box
Instant Family
Ralph Breaks the Internet (Spoilers!)
The Grinch (Spoilers!)

II. So Sorry to Interrupt - 19:39

1. Black Mirror's Bandersnatch (Netflix) is all your choose-your-own-adventure dreams come to film.

2. Jordan Peele's Us trailer creeped us right out this Christmas!

III. The Very Worst and Best of 2018! - 31:43


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