Venom starring Tom Hardy by Ruben Fleischer

Jeff and Jared braved the carnage of the latest Sony/Marvel collaboration, Venom, to report back on how the movie holds up compared to the ultimate story God is telling about His Son through cosmic history.

On the way there the guys also got into:

I. Whatcha Watchin'? (Featuring a brand new play-in bump :D)
~Spoiler Warning~
1. How Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom holds up on re-watch.
2. The first episode of Netflix's Creeped Out and its usefulness to parents.

II. So Sorry to Interrupt
1. The Chronicles of Narnia is heading to Netflix - should we suspect Aslan is on the move or more winter but never Christmas?
2. Since we're in October let's talk some scary movies - how do Jeff and Jared disagree about Hereditary?
3. And since we're talking Venom - why do we continue to find ourselves fascinated by anti-heroes?

III. Pull the Curtain: Venom

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