Searching starring John Cho by Aneesh Chaganty

I didn't know her... I didn't know my daughter.

This week Jared and Jeff tracked down Searching and, spoiler alert, liked what they found.  

But how does the film stand up when compared against the story God is telling through history?  The guys from The Pop Culture Coram Deo Podcast are here to help answer that question.  

You'll find this episode of The PCCD Pod chock-full of details, analysis, and some bonus content after the final credits roll.  Here's what's in store:

Whatcha Watching - 03:04
  • Castle Rock came to an end
  • Streaming services loading up on scares for Halloween

 So Sorry to Interrupt - 13:32
  • The Venom film releases soon. So what are the top 3 comic book villains of all time?
  • Debate: What is the better holiday, Christmas or Halloween?
  • Speaking of Halloween, what are the top 3 scariest movies Jared & Jeff have seen?

Analysis: Searching - 50:23
  • Did the movie give away the ending too early?
  • What does the film have to say about our online lives and the intersection of family and profile?
  • How do we see the gospel (if at all) in Searching?

Bonus: Storytime - 90:32
  • The time Jared royally betrayed Jeff in terrifying fashion.

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